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Peters Project - in progress...

Nazareth, PA

Before photo. Clients' describe an awkward, oversized space they don't know how to properly fill or utilize. Additional concerns lie in poor lighting, outdated flooring they want to replace, and an awkward cut out above the fireplace. They express wanting to incorporate color and some of their current furniture.


Moulding goes up, electrical is added for our sconce lighting, and drywall begins to both patch electrical work and to cover the alcove above the fireplace for the television to be mounted. 


Television is mounted, and painting is complete. Time to replace the old carpet with new.


New carpet is in place. New light fixture has been installed. New chairs arrive and are positioned to work with our clients existing couches to properly fill the space.


Creating a  blueprint for our moulding and sconce lighting.


With drywall patching complete, we begin to paint our accent feature wall.


After the old carpet has been removed and the new padding has gone down, we paint the baseboards.


Sconces arrive, are assembled, wired and hung. We finish building our custom gold leaf coffee table and position it into place. Curtain rods have been hung as well as a painting from the clients' personal collection. Lights are put on dimmers, light switches and heating grate are replaced with gold ones. Orange accent pillows are added to bring in more color. Time for the finishing touches before the final staging.

Before photos

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