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About Rheir

We're Kevin and Rachel Barrett. We were two strangers standing in line at a Home Depot in the California desert, completely oblivious to the life and adventures we'd have ahead together - until one of us got a splinter in their finger and the other intervened. Individually working on renovating our properties to turn them into vacation rentals, we eventually discovered our creative talents were the missing ingredient to unlocking each other's success and decided to join forces. After renovating our first property together (and not killing each other in the process), we tied the knot and decided it was time to venture out into the world to start our lives as a married couple. We made the big move across country to a charming town on the east coast to officially start our home design and renovation business together - Rheir


Our company name Rheir stands for restoring heirlooms, where our specialty lies in incorporating antiques, historical artifacts, family heirlooms, and architectural salvaged pieces into every one of our designs so they're as unique as each one of our clients. In a world of passing trends our belief is if it's all the same it's not Rheir. By combining modern elements with rich, storied details, we curate one of a kind, timeless, and functional spaces that don't just inspire, they tell a story and make living as comfortable and as beautiful as you deserve it to be.


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